Crooked Trump

Trump’s supporters believe he will shake up the corruption among Washington elites and use his TREMENDOUS UNBELIEVABLE business skills to improve the economy for the “little guy.” I understand the appeal. When I was a poor white trash teenager, I read Trump’s books along with just about every other rich guy book I could find. I hated being poor and I hated the elitist assholes who looked down on me – assholes like the interviewer who told me he couldn’t hire me because I came from a bad town with strip clubs and alcoholics and those people and wouldn’t be a good “cultural fit” for his company (this was before I even said a word to him). Donald Trump’s brash politically incorrect style resonated with me, because it symbolized that an unrefined white trash kid like me could make it big. I sincerely believed he was a self made success who wanted to help struggling people like me achieve the American Dream.

I was a sucker

And everybody voting for him is a sucker too. They fail to understand three basic truths about Donald Trump:
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Men who support Trump are more likely to assault women

Trump has apologized for the vulgar “locker room” talk in the video, but that was never the problem. Nobody gives a fuck about the vulgar fucking language in the fucking video outside of this dipshit Trump stooge on CNN:

The main problem (outside of infidelity since I assume Trump and Nancy O’Dell, the married woman he was talking about in the video, are not both in consensually non monogamous marriages) is bragging about making sexual advances on women (kissing them, grabbing their pussy, etc.) without prior consent. That IS sexual assault. Trump has not apologized for that or shown any understanding of how his “locker room” language endorses sexual assault.
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Why the Supreme Court argument is total bullshit

We’ve all heard the Supreme court argument by now. It’s generally made by people who acknowledge that Trump is a scumbag with some sort of euphemism (“less than ideal,” “not a saint”), but they have their eyes on the bigger picture of getting conservatives elected to the Supreme Court. There are two main problems with this:

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